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Here is to those who never compromise on dreams, those who set trends rather than following them, Icons to be precise. Welcome to Asha Icon, where every structure is a landmark, every home a culmination of ideas.

When you live in the iconic city Mumbai, make sure you live it that way. Like an icon.

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To welcome an imperial life, welcome to Asha Icon

Behold the of Asha Icon. Where luxury is redefined. Where every inch is moulded to perfection. And where unstinting luxury speaks about the grandness, sprawled all around it. With its massive height making it a 22 storeyed elegant tower, Asha Icon is all set to give you a life as majestic.


Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project, we have ingenious ideas that become reality and we make every client happy.

All amenities included in this website are indicative, based on the construction of the building as is proposed at present and it is issued in good faith, subject to the approval of the authorities or in the interest of the continuing improvement and development of the Complex, the Promoters/Developers reserve the right to alter the layout, plans, specifications or features without prior notice or obligation. The details and images contained in this website, are only indicative and artistic imagination, may not be exact or accurate, and the same does not form either the basis or part of the offer or contract. Guidelines are enforced for not allowing grills, flower pots, etc., to be fixed outside windows or any changes to be made in external elevations. All sales communication, verbal / written, refer to the carpet area in sq. ft. for ease of reference and as per architectural scale. Conditions apply